San Francisco Office Lease Market Rental Rate Trends

The San Francisco office lease market story is all too familiar. Businesses are suffering. Unemployment is rising. Vacancies are mounting. But what exactly is happening? How does this affect you and your clients? When is it going to get better? Now, more than ever, a big spreadsheet, different sources of data, and a healthy dose […]

What Are Your Top Commercial Real Estate Blogs?

We’ve been looking for some blogs about commercial real estate and they are hard to find–this surely is a niche industry that hasn’t completely moved on to the internet (we’re working on it!) much less discovered blogging. Nevertheless, there are some blogs that specialize in the topic or discuss it from time to time. Most […]

What’s the one feature you’d like to see most on LoopNet?

The LoopNet product team is constantly surveying, visiting and calling active LoopNet members to find out how we can serve you better. We may not have reached you yet, but we’d still like to hear from you. If you’ve been using LoopNet for a while, and there is something missing on the site that you’d […]