Will the Stimulus Bill Help Retail?

The ARRA (American Recovery and Reinvestment Act) commonly known as the stimulus bill, was signed into law on February 17, 2009. It retailed for a cool $787 billion and was supposed to ignite economic recovery. An integral indicator and part of that recovery is retail, as it is the primary outlet for our famed “consumerism”. […]

Q3 Pulse Poll: When Will Commercial Property Recover?

Last quarter, over 2/3 of LoopNet members expected a recovery in commercial real estate sales transactions to wait until 2010 or later. How have expectations changed since then? When will the market bounce back? Do prices need to fall further? Tell us what you think. Take the poll and see the results!

Question of the Week from LoopNet Answers: Methodology in Calculating Cash Yield

I have noticed in many broker’s proformas, when calculating cash-on-cash yield, NOI minus debt service, often times “principal reduction” is added back in to the equation. However, this is misleading because principal payments are not “real” cash available to distribute to investors. Why is this method used? – David T. View Answers or Answers This […]

LoopNet Poll: When Will Commercial Real Estate Bounce Back?

The economic signals are mixed. Transaction volume is down sharply. When will the commercial real estate market bounce back? Take two minutes to answer 4 questions, and see how your perspective compares to that of your fellow peers. Take the LoopNet Poll:When Will Commercial Real Estate Bounce Back?