Advanced Searching on LoopNet

Now that you have done a basic search on LoopNet let us show you how to maximize the search tools available through Advanced Search. Log in to LoopNet to conduct a property search.  You can select properties either For Sale or For Lease.  Click on the dropdown menu to select the property type you would like to search for or select All Properties For Sale or For Lease.  Click on Advanced Search to go to the filters on the search page or click Filters on the search results page once you have done a base search.

AS 1

You can select all property types in the dropdown menu or individually select which property or property sub-types you would like to search for. Click the dropdown arrow for the full list of property sub-types and select which types you wish to search for.

AS 2

You can search in multiple states by scrolling down through the list and selecting the state you wish to search in.

AS 3

You can search multiple cities by typing in the city and selecting it from the dropdown menu.  You can also search within close proximity by selecting the number of miles in the dropdown.

AS 4

You can search by zip code as well.  Enter in multiple zip codes and select them from the drop down menu.

AS 5

You can search by keywords like church or corner. Use a space to separate your keywords.  You can search by property status by checking the box in the dropdown next to the property status you would like to search for like only net leased properties.

AS 6