Upcoming Enhancements: Here’s What You Need to Know

CoStar and LoopNet are thrilled to announce several enhancements that will bring you more value and improve your experience!

Here is a quick glance at what is coming out Saturday, October 7th:

Email1Manage one listing going forward.
CoStar’s database is now powering LoopNet, Cityfeet and Showcase. This means that you will only have to add your listing once and manage one listing across all sites.



New dashboard to manage your listings.email3
We’ve built you a new dashboard that allows you to view and manage all aspects of your listings, including edits, exposure reports, listing exposure upgrades and leads.  You will get a detailed look at how your listing is performing across the network – including activity on CoStar.

Easier to list your properties.
There are now two easy ways to get your listing on the network. In addition to speaking with your local researcher, you have the option of using an online form that will prepopulate with known building information and photos. This will save you time and allow you to add your listing to our network 24/7.


Premium Listings will get full network exposure.CSLN-009-17_Listing-Manager-EM_img01b
Premium listings are getting an upgrade. They will now receive exposure to the 6 million+ visitors on LoopNet, CoStar, Cityfeet, Showcase and 200+ newspaper partner websites.



Added exposure for Diamond ads on CoStar.
Diamond property ads will now receive a homepage ad on CoStar, maximizing its exposure to the professional audience.



Thank you for continuing to be a loyal member of the CoStar LoopNet community. We hope you find value from these enhancements.

Please note:  Listing Manager will be unavailable on LoopNet from Thursday, October 5th – Saturday, October 7th while we put the finishing touches on the new listing tools. During this time you will not be able to add or edit your listings on LoopNet.  If you need to make changes to your listings on CoStar you can do so by contacting your local researcher.

You will have full access to the online dashboard once the upgrades are complete on Saturday, October 7th at 4pm.

In the meantime click here to tour the new LoopNet Listing Manager.


  • Nadina Cole-Potter

    Being able to do my own inputs instead of talking to a CoStar rep and not knowing if everything is correct is a HUGE improvement! Having the property information populate automatically is also helpful — gives me a chance to cross-check accuracy with my other sources and, hopefully, contact a CoStar researcher to make the correction(s).

    Next Items on CoStar/LoopNet agenda MUST be the ability for us to: 1) send out listings in an email blast to all subscribers (or selected categories of subscribers) in our market at the time we input them and 2) send out “property wanted” blasts to all subscribers (or selected categories of subscribers) in our market.

  • Vicky SD

    This update adds way too many fields to update. Even a listing that is more than complete only shows 65% complete. And now they rank it based on completeness, not when it was posted.

    LoopNet wasn’t meant to be CoStar, and this is over complicating LoopNet’s purpose in my opinion. And why the heck does LoopNet care how much my commissions potentially are?

  • Don S

    I’ve been a premium subscriber for more than a year, searching for properties where I may sign a lease. Suddenly, listed properties no longer show a link to a demographics page. That is NOT an enhancement. If that is a permanent change, I’m going to cancel my subscription.

  • Steve Shire

    I agree with Don and others, bad move – 1. You are absolutely diluting the Buyer and Tenant rep businesses, one’s perception is their own reality. In this case you are mitigating the value add provided by specialists that are not Landlord reps!
    If Joe Main street gets access to all properties now, they will start to have a perception “why do I need a tenant rep or buyer rep?” I can find properties by myself.
    With that being said, I know the answer and have been doing it for 14 yrs , Joe Main street does not understand all that goes into a purchase or lease typically.
    2. This is really about Costar making revenue- did you forget you are no where without CRE brokers?
    3 Another example of someone who isn’t on the front lines and doesn’t understand our business and doesn’t seem they care either.
    4, To spend almost $200 a month to list a properties? for big listing folks- it doesn’t matter. For brokers that are not listing specialists there is no value in paying that for 5 listings per year.
    5. Another great example of self absorption companies, asking CRE folks for comp info on deals done and then selling it back to others- free info for you and you sell it? Yeah, don’t share deal points folks there isn’t anything in it for you.

    There are 2 parties typically to a lease or purchase deal, it isn’t represented one way all the time. Maybe being the 800lb gorilla, they figured they can change the dynamic. Very self -absorbed business move.
    And I have also tried to update listings and it doesn’t work, there are bugs no surprise they won’t clean that out for awhile

  • Kali Carringer

    Okay, it’s Monday, Oct 9th and my listings are still inaccessible. That means our clients could not link from our website to LoopNet for 5 days. Bad move.

  • Tiffany Luongo

    It’s Monday October 9 and I’ve been waiting for about three hours to do a search………….and waiting on the phone for customer service to answer and tell me when this is going to get rectified.

  • glenn deak

    You sold comp feature was always poor in my opinion but often times the only thing we had for some rural areas, then the mapping function went away and now sold comps are gone completely. People can ask whatever they like for a property what interests me is what they actually sell for, if you can’t provide info on sales in any given market, then you service is useless to our company. I can see us leaving as a customer very soon.

  • LoopNet Team

    Hi Kali,

    We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you and we understand it must have been very frustrating. The changes we have made though will simplify listing with CoStar and LoopNet going forward.

    We would like to point out that searchers have been able to access listings for most of Thursday – Monday. The website was only fully down for a short period of time late Friday night – Saturday at and for a few brief windows on Monday. We hope that going forward the new system proves to make it easier than ever for you to manage your listings on CoStar and LoopNet.

    Also, in the future, if you need to make updates to your listings when the site is down for maintenance, you can do so by contacting your local researcher. They are on call and any edits made by this team will automatically appear on our websites.

    If you have any questions or feedback please do not hesitate to reach out.

  • LoopNet Team

    Hi Glenn,

    Thanks for your feedback. Our goal behind all the changes we have made is to better serve the commercial real estate industry by growing and strengthening our products as well as focusing them on what they do best: LoopNet as a marketing platform and CoStar s the lading information source for CRE. We are phasing out the information products on LoopNet, including the Sales Comps product. These products are used by less than .01% of LoopNet’s audience and really are inferior information products when compared to CoStar. In fact, CoStar has more than double the listings that are in LoopNet, along with detailed information on 5.1 million properties, 7+ million tenants, lease & sale comparable, analytics & much more.

    If you have time, we would love to walk you through the Comps solution on CoStar.

  • LoopNet Team

    Hi Tiffany,

    We apologize for the inconvenience and your feedback. We had a few glitches after the release but the site is up and running now. You have some great product enhancement ideas and we will be sure to pass along to the product team.

  • LoopNet Team

    Hi Steve,

    Thanks for reaching out. I would like to help clarify a couple of the changes that you referenced. The content on LoopNet visible to the tenant and investor audience is not changing. It will continue to be free to search and is used by nearly 5 million tenants, owners & investors every month. These users will see advertised listings, which is no different from how LoopNet has worked for nearly 20 years. LoopNet users can post their listings free, which will reach CoStar’s subscriber base of 110k CRE professionals. If they want to reach the tenant and investor audience a Premium listing will be needed. Premium ads are visible to our entire audience, which actually accounts for 83% of all commercial real estate searches done online.
    We are winding down the Premium Searcher product, which was used by less than .01% of LoopNet’s audience, and was really an inferior information product to CoStar. In fact, CoStar has more than double the listings that are in LoopNet, along with detailed information on 5.1 million properties, 7+ million tenants, lease & sale comparable, analytics & much more. This change allows us to grow and strengthen both products and keep each focused on what they do best: LoopNet as a marketing platform, CoStar as the leading information source for CRE. This change also makes CoStar the only comprehensive database of CRE listings for exclusive use by the professional audience.

  • LoopNet Team

    Hi Don,

    Thank you for being a valued client of CoStar and LoopNet. We are working on getting demographics back in. We appreciate your feedback.

  • LoopNet Team

    Hi Vicky,

    Thank you for reaching out. I would like to clarify a couple of changes that you mentioned in your comment. The listing completeness meter is intended to assist you with adding listings to CoStar and LoopNet. We realize there are new fields when entering a listing; however, to ease the process we are pulling in known building information and photos from CoStar. There are some “marketing” specific fields that will not auto-populate but once filled out will greatly increase your listing completeness score. These include property description, highlights and major tenants.

    Also, the listing completeness does not impact how the listing sorts in search results on LoopNet. The ranking in search results is determined by the type of exposure given to the listing. You can learn more about that here: https://marketing.loopnet.com/products/listing-tier-exposure/

    We also have a series of help videos available to review key features in the new listing manager. You can access those here: http://www.costar.com/listingmanager/help

    Thanks and if you need additional assistance please call 800-601-8803

  • LoopNet Team

    Hi Nadina,

    Thanks for your feedback. It’s great to hear you are happy with the enhancements we recently launched. You have some great suggestions for future enhancements and we will be sure to share them with the product team.

  • Vicky SD

    LoopNet is a much faster site to search on. Having to rely on cumbersome and slow costar is a regressive use of our time.

    I would encourage that subscribers to CoStar be give access to all listings on LoopNet. It’s a better site for quick searches, particularly sales.

  • Vicky SD

    If you change the property class, it still shows the default class shown by CoStar. A user should be allowed to override any data that is prepoulated

  • Nadina Cole-Potter

    Make friends with your local escrow officer who can connect you with the company’s property researcher who is connected with the company’s county records in its “plant”. Give them your property parameters — mainly closing date, property size(s) (building and land), perhaps zip code and/or (for residential) subdivision name. Counties usually request sale price at the time of recordation which is information they pass on to the county assessor so the value for property taxes can be updated. If you want information on a specific property’s last sale, give the researcher the assessor parcel numbers of all of the parcels that comprise the property.

  • Nadina Cole-Potter

    Tiffany — CoStar doesn’t act like CAM or final base rent is a big secret: brokers and landlords do. It is the best kept secret in the commercial real estate industry. Only if brokers and landlords release the information will CoStar have it.

  • Nadina Cole-Potter

    In our market – Phoenix — and most Arizona urban markets, residential buyer clients and prospective buyers can access a buyer portal, create a search with their custom parameters of the property they are looking for. The portal initially automatically emails them all the listings that fit the parameters and then automatically emails them updates — including in contracts and solds, if they wish. The listings do not have listing agent information attached to them so the connection to buyer rep that provides the portal access is not broken. This feature has been available in residential MLS for at least 10 years.

    The portal system also maintains a record of which prospects/clients were sent which listings so the agent/broker can track such.

    I do not understand why CoStar has not implemented such a feature. It would be a HUGE time saver to individual brokers. Our clients and prospects could see more properties in less time. It would also be a way that our seller prospects/clients could track properties similar to theirs as they come on the market or are sold.

    I don’t worry about “do it yourself” clients. We brokers have so much more value to bring to a transaction than access to listings. Heck, with the sloppy way some listings show up in reports with many incorrect or confusing/ambiguous items, either through broker negligence or CoStar rep ignorance, there will ALWAYS be a job for a buyer or tenant rep.

  • glen

    I joined Loopnet back in the mid-90s when Dennis d’Andre (its founder) personally called me and asked me to join his FREE service. In 2000, when I was President of the Oregon/SW Washington CCIM Chapter, he came to Portland to give a presentation to our Chapter of almost 500 members. I still have a couple of Loopnet T-shirts! It has all gone DOWN HILL since them:(

  • Tiffany Luongo

    Nonsense – anytime I have to call to get it they find it and get back to me. But that’s the catch…..us brokers have all the information when we are inputting it into LoopNet but not necessarily when you guys call us to “verify” our listings. If LoopNet had an input button after NNN lease rate which prompted CAM, I can guarantee you you’d have at least 70% input it right then and there – causing 70% of your reporting data on lease rates and lease comps to then be correct. Would you buy a condo if you didn’t know what the association dues were? No. No one would. Every client wants to know the “bottom line” – all in. Period. I know it’s not you but you guys need to stop wasting time “verifying” listings which are clearly in LoopNet and get us the data we need so we don’t have to pay for LoopNet AND call to get the data ourselves. But again, if it were in a button from the beginning, when we were at our desks entering it, you’d have most of it already. Your company continues to buck this idea instead of tackling it. Not your fault but a very stupid move because it could be done – your higher ups just don’t want to.

  • Sheen

    I mainly used this site for deal sourcing, and demographics. I hope the removal of demographics isn’t permanent!?

  • Ash Vahman

    why is demographics still missing from Loopnet?

  • imjustsure

    Are there other options than Loopnet and or Costar? I liked the old Loopnet. I am a 5 acre land owner and not a professional so it seems this site is not for me. Is there a benefit for an owner to list on Costar? I have a property in zoning flux. It is official campus industrial but will most likely go to mixed use but I would like to list it as commercial with a note in the description. Cities can take so long for a zone change but it could be approved with a variance..

  • http://www.loopnet.com Julie Schaffer

    Hi, if you are a landowner, wanting to advertise your land, I would advise looking at http://www.landsofamerica.com