LoopNet’s New Add a Listing Feature

Now it’s even easier to add a listing to the LoopNet marketplace!  Here’s how it works:

1) On the Add a Listing page, select either sale or lease listing.

2) Start typing the address or property name and a list of known addresses will pop up.

3) Select the address that pertains to your listing.  Any known fields, including professional building photos, will automatically fill into the listing details.


4) Fill in any additional fields required, scroll to the bottom, agree to the listing agreement, and add your listing to the LoopNet marketplace.

Add to marketplace

5) If the property you select is not the correct property, click “Select a Different Property” and click “Confirm”

Select a different property

6) If your property doesn’t appear in the list of known properties, you can still add it to LoopNet.

Add a missing address

  • Brent Meyer

    How do you add a property for a building under construction for an address that does not have a valid post office match yet?