New Year, New Site: LoopNet is Better Than Ever

Today we launched some exciting updates and improvements to for both our searchers and advertisers.

Responsive Design
LoopNet is now a responsive website, which means that it is optimized to display the best view possible for any device or screen size. Whether on your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop, LoopNet content will now automatically shift and resize for easy viewing. This applies to the homepage, search results, and listing profiles, with the rest of the website soon to follow.ln-responsive

Cleaner Look & Layout
Overall is cleaner with simplified menus, navigation, and overall layout. Listing profiles have been updated to have larger images, better content organization and a “contact listing broker” box that follows users down the page.


Map Functionality

We now have Google Maps powering all maps on the website, which brings added functionality of Google street view and Google directions on listings. Maps also now allow free-form polygon drawing to truly define search parameters.


New Gold Listings
We are also debuting a new listing tier on LoopNet: Gold (between Premium and Platinum listings in search results). Gold listings provide additional options for both exposure and pricing. Learn more here.


We’d love to hear what you think about these updates. Leave us a comment or email us at

  • Josh

    Why can’t you search multiple towns at the same time any more…

  • Robert

    The new website does not allow you to search multiple cities or counties at the same time. Much less functional that previous website.

  • Mark in the 727

    I agree with the comments below from Robert and Josh. In addition, the new website will also not allow you to search by property subtype, and apparently the “snapshot” feature in no longer available as well. Can’t believe I’m only the third one commenting on this!

  • Hans

    I Agree with the previous comments. I dislike the new site. To me this is a regression, not progress. The previous site format allowed for multiple towns, multiple counties search. Why was that eliminated? Additionally, the new “help” feature is completely disfunctional. Every time I ask a question it types a response that my account has been cancelled or closed. Overall I cannot understand the logic behind the changes that have been made. Could I have the previous systemback, PLEASE!! Two days ago I sent a complaint and I got an “official”type response that my comments are sent to proper department. Thanks. Hans.

  • Paige Dodge

    Hi Josh, thanks for your comment. Our development team is actually working on bringing this feature back. We appreciate your patience during these changes.

  • Paige Dodge

    Robert, thank you for your feedback. Our development team is currently working on bringing this feature back.

  • Paige Dodge

    Hi Mark, thanks for reaching out. Due to feedback we are currently working to bring these search features back. Thanks for your patience as we work through these site changes.

  • Paige Dodge

    Hans, we understand your frustration and appreciate your feedback. Our development team is working on reinstating the search features that were removed in our site update. Regarding your comment on the Help feature, you can call 888-567-7442 for immediate assistance.

  • Tammy Bentley Madigan

    The new updates now make it impossible to view your own properties. A MAJOR issue in my opinion. I sent a note to support and got a response indicating that the problem had been fixed and that my issue had been closed. Unfortunately, the problem wasn’t resolved at all. What a MESS!! We’re also having issues with searching features throughout. Using LoopNet listing ID’s to search multiple properties is impossible. You can only search one LoopNet ID at a time (commas don’t work at all between numbers!). I agree with everyone else here…please reset to the previous version as this one is ‘bug’ heavy. Clearly, not enough BETA testing!!

  • Paige Dodge

    Hi Tammy, sorry that your issue with the support team wasn’t resolved. I encourage you to give us a call again at 888-567-7442 to see if we can remedy the problem. In regards to the search features, we are actively working to bring them back. We do appreciate your feedback, thank you.

  • Tammy Bentley Madigan

    I emailed Cecily back within five minutes when I received her note indicating that my issue was all fixed and was being closed. That was over 48 hours ago…still waiting for her reply.

  • Harriet Smulowitz Summers

    I agree. Not a fan. Went to change the sq. footage search area for a different search and couldn’t change it from the previous search without going back to the home page and starting over. For the price…this should be seamless and much improved.

  • Wei Liu

    This upgrade is a disaster. I talked with some customer service people several weeks ago and I still don’t see any change. The problems are:

    1. Switching to another saved search is clumsy.

    I have multiple saved searches. When I am on a search result list, there used to be a drop-down of my saved searches, and I could just pick one to run that search. Now this drop-down is gone, and I have to click my name at right corner, then go to Saved Searches page to run it.

    2. Search result list do not display lot size properly.

    Most result displays ‘On Request / SF Lot’ for lot size, although they do have lot size info available when you click open them.

    3. Search result list has too much display gap.

    4. Listing does not show ‘Demographics’ link under Research any more. I use that heavily.

    5. Save property to Watch Property folders would not display all folders.

    6. For a saved property, you have no way to know which folder it is, and you have to browse your folders one by one to find it, brute force.

    7. “Sales Comps” and “Property Records” are too important features, and they are kind of hiding in the bottom of homepage (ONLY!).

    Please, do something to fix them!!!!

  • Tammy Realtor

    I have sent 5 emails to support within the last 2 weeks, and I’m not getting any response. Not only do you change features, you drastically changed your level of service.

  • Matt

    I’m glad to see these comments as I was hoping I wasn’t the only one who thinks the new version of the site is full of problems. They severely sacrificed functionality for this new format. The web-production quality of the new site is very poor as well. Much of the information, like property sheets, previews, etc., are horribly formatted and come up in strange sizes that are barely visible on screen and difficult to navigate. I can’t get the information I need in an efficient manner. Definitely not ready for prime time. This is very very disappointing. LoopNet used to be my go-to. Now I avoid it whenever possible.

  • Pau L.

    This new website is the epitome of cluelessness in designing. There is absolutely nothing good with any of the changes! Change for the sake of change, but at the expense of our overpriced memberships. I have voiced my concerns and ABSOLUTLEY NOTHING HAS CHANGED!!! Have the third rate nonpaying interns who were given the task of designing the site ran out the door? WHO THE HELL IS RESPOSNBLE ANYWAYS?? STOP GIVING US THE B.S. ANSWER OF, ” Oh we’re working on bringing back the features.”
    WHEN? ALL THIS DROP DOWN MENUS AND PAGE WITHING A PAGE IS COMPLETELY RIDICLULOUS. IT DOES NOT SELL REAL ESTATE! The simple task of going from page 1 to page 2, the page doesn’t even automatically start from the top, one must scroll to the top. But wait, to change to page 3, one has to scroll down to the bottom to do that. What imbecile wrote the code for that? Before, everything was there, now one has to take 3 extra steps just to complete a simple task. Drives me crazy! Take a page from Craigslist. KEEP IT SIMPLE STOOOOOOOOPID!!!!!!!

  • Todd Key

    OK folks, I think Loopnet has been unmasked as the marketing organization they are, placing subscription fees and ad revenue over functionality & customer satisfaction. I think most of us are also members of realtor association MLS services, which provide approximately 10 times the data for 1/3 the price.
    Due to the impact on my workflow, I have requested subscription fee credits until Loopnet gets the site at least back to its previous low level of usefulness.
    Here’s my list

    1. When are you going to fix the “report que”, it keeps stacking reports, and you cannot clear it, or select the reports you want to include… Lame.

    2. The “Watch” command is busted as well, only displaying part of your list.

    3. The new “Map/Aerial feature” is significantly less desirable than the previous version, First clicking on the map takes you out of the property profile… Lame, then you cannot switch to an aerial, without first going through “Directions”

    Note: with proper mapping and aerials, you do not need directions…Lame If you want to add Directions as an additional feature, fine. Also no Birdseye function, very useful. Bottom line, a significant down grade in features, and a significant increase in work for searching brokers. In Map mode the property parcel lines are visible, and then disappear when you switch to aerial. Parcel lines on aerial imagery is the bedrock of geo-spatial information, notwithstanding the absence of ownership data.

    4. The “Share” feature is also lame as it does not recognize your email contacts, requiring you to remember all your clients email addresses, or stop and go to another screen to retrieve them. You should be able to add contacts to your profile, and retrieve them from a list when sharing.

    5. This is my second complaint on these issues. I did get a call from someone 4-5 days after my first complaint, but the person was not able to provide any solutions. Furthermore, I was told that the new website was intended to make “Listings” easier. It appears that was at the expense of searching/selling brokers like myself. This kind of thinking makes me think you have a bunch of computer geeks running the place, instead of experienced real estate brokers. Clue… the easier it is to search, and get meaningful results, and route information about the targeted properties to potential clients, the more sales will occur, and the more likely you will get more listings, and then more customers in general.

  • Todd Key

    Hi Folks,
    Almost forgot to mention that there is no way to contact any of the management team, so we are relying on the dunces that do the work to tell management know they did substandard work. Probably not, which is why none of this stuff is getting fixed. If you read their bio’s you can’t find the word “Broker” or X years experience in commercial real estate, or X $ of transactions. The Director of Marketing for instance, has a degree in English Rhetoric. That’s what it sounds like we have been getting in response to our complaints.

  • LoopNet

    Hi Tammy, we apologize for the delay in getting back to you. For future reference, you can also call customer support any time at (888) 567-7442 to speak to someone directly.

  • LoopNet

    Hi Wei, thank you for letting us know your issues/suggestions for the site. Some we have already fixed (Demographics links are back) and some we are still addressing.