LoopNet 2015 Stats & Facts

In looking back at LoopNet’s 2015 website activity we wanted to answer some key questions: “What were people searching for on LoopNet and where were searches taking place?” Below is a summary of 2015 searcher behavior, market popularity, broker popularity and a few other interesting stats and facts from 2015.

Based on the analysis, it seems that LoopNet is still the marketplace of choice for tenants and investors searching for commercial real estate – and they are searching for all types of properties, both for sale and for lease.

Here’s A Quick Summary:

  • Over 5 million unique monthly visitors and more than 7 million registered members
  • 76% of the searchers were tenants and investors and only 14% were brokers
  • 47% were searching For Lease and 53% were searching For Sale

Top search property

Top 10 Searched Properties in Each State
1. Edison One Commerce Center – Industrial Property in New Jersey
2. Fully Occupied, Block to Beach, Multifamily FSBO – Mulitfamily in Florida
3. Levick Shopping Center-919 Levick St-Phila. – Retail Property in Pennsylvania
4. 347 E Livingston Ave – Retail Property in Ohio
5. North 5th Street – Multifamily Property in New York
6. 10003 Technology – Office Property in Texas
7. Creative Space/Studio near park/lake 3118 N Main – Industrial Property in California
8. GA-JEF-4002 Twiggs County, GA – Industrial Property in Georgia
9. SouthPoint Business Park, Virginia, VP-152 – Industrial Property in Virginia
10. ND-131 SouthPoint Business Park – Industrial Property in North Carolina

Debra Server

Top 10 Most Viewed Broker Profiles
1. Debra Server – Sever Consulting and Management Group
2. Darren Currin – Sperry Van Ness
3. Alan Trider – Trider Real Estate
4. Galen Romme – Romme Real Estate
5. Commercial Appraiser – Commercial Appraiser
6. Keith Auten – Auten Realty LLC
7. Sam Tiwana – KAIZEN Realty
8. Coy Davidson – Colliers International
9. Gregory Garver – Brokers USA
10. David V. Tran – Transmercial – Real Estate Investments


Top 10 Most Viewed (Searched) City
1. Los Angeles
2. Houston
3. Chicago
4. Miami
5. San Diego
6. Dallas
7. Brooklyn
8. Las Vegas
9. Orlando
10. Austin


Top 10 Most Viewed (Searched) State
1. CA
2. FL
3. TX
4. NY
5. IL
6. NJ
7. GA
8. PA
9. OH
10. NC

Top 10 Searched Markets on LoopNet
1. Los Angeles, CA
2. South Florida, FL
3. Houstonx TX
4. Chicago, WI
5. Northern New Jersey, NJ
6. Dallas/Ft Worth , TX
7. Long Island, NY
8. Philadelphia, PA
9. Orange County, CA
10. Atlanta, GA

Top 10 markets With the Most Active Searchers
1. Los Angeles, CA
2. South Florida, FL
3. Chicago , IN
4. Houston, TX
5. Philadelphia, PA
6. Northern New Jersey, PA
7. Dallas/Ft Worth , TX
8. Long Island, NY
9. Atlanta, GA
10. Orange County, CA


Top 3 Most Expensive Properties on LoopNet
1. 114 E 32nd Street – $300M Hotel & Motel in New York
2. 700 Key Oceanside – $180M Hotel & Motel in California
3. 48 Wall St – $110M Hotel & Motel in New York

least expensive

Top 3 Least Expensive Properties on LoopNet
1. Sled & ATV Trail Lot – $10,000
2. Le Petit Matisse – $10,000
3. HWY201815 – $10,000

Pro Video

Top 3 Most Viewed Video on LoopNet
1. Willowbrook Shopping Center I & II – Retail Property in Texas
2. 65 East Wacker Place-Creative Loft Space – Office Property in Illinois
3. One Empire – Office Property in Texas

  • Zoe Cappa

    Hi there. Chicago is in ILLINOIS. You have this well-known geographical fact listed incorrect in not one, but two lists on this page. And the list for “Top 10 Search Properties in Each State” only shows, what I would assume is actually the top 10 searched properties in America? There are 50 states, so that list should be called something else if you are not showing top ten searched properties for all 50 states. Also the lists indicate more than one, so you have the top searched cities, not city, and top searched states not state. Proper use of words and grammar are important for your reporting to appear credible, and not look like a 4th grade homework assignment.

  • Clif10

    Zoe. Funniest thing. Chicago, IN AND Chicago, WI are actually market territories as explained by the list. Chicago, Indiana (at the border of Indiana) and Chicago, WI (at the border of Wisconsin).Who would have thought? The data is actually granular. It’s ok though, it hard to know what good research looks like when we’ve been so exposed to poor data. I wish I could attach a picture of a map for your viewing.