10 Most Wanted Office Amenities

Office amenities are a key focus when choosing a new office location for your company.  We came up with a top 10 list of the most wanted office amenities for your next office move.  Do you think having these features in your office would make you love coming into the office in the morning?

  1. Central Location – Location, location, location. Centrally located offices make getting to work easier, whether by public transportation, driving, or biking.  Most central located offices will also be surrounded by good restaurants, happy hour bars, and convenience stores.
  2. Dining Options Nearby – Everyone needs to eat and most people want convenient and multiple options.
  3. Commuting Options/Parking – Green options are in. Electric charge stations and indoor bicycle parking show that you are a conscious company that cares about your environmental footprint.
  4. Fitness Center – Providing an in-house gym makes working out during the day easier for your employees. Healthy employees are happy especially when they are incentivized for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
  5. Wi-Fi – Everyone likes fast, reliable Wi-Fi. It’s helpful for employees to be able to move around the office without being restricted to their desks.
  6. Outdoor Lounging Space – Having options to unplug, relax, and catch some fresh air can help recharge employees during stressful work weeks.
  7. Conference Rooms – No one wants to wait to use the same conference room. Having multiple modern conference rooms makes everyone in the office happier and more productive.
  8. Views – Employees want to be able to look out their window and not see another building wall staring at them. Extra points for a city skyline, lake, or mountain range.
  9. Cleaning Service – Arriving to a clean office every morning makes coming to work more enjoyable. Consistent cleaning is also important for employee health.
  10. Security – Everyone likes to feel secure at their workplace. Whether it be turnstiles, security guards, or access badges.
  11. (Bonus) Elevators – High speed elevators are a bonus in the office. A fast ride up to the office can get your morning going on the right foot.

Tell us if you agree or if you have more amenities that you would like to add.