3 Things to Include on Every LoopNet Listing

When adding a listing to the LoopNet marketplace it’s important to fill out as much detail as possible to entice searchers to contact you about your property. Here are 3 things every listing should have that will attract more visitors and inquiries:

Property Name
Adding a property name is a step that most listers choose to skip, but it’s an important feature that you shouldn’t ignore. A descriptive name/title about your property will catch searchers’ attention as they are scrolling through search results. An example would be “SF Approved 15 Unit Condo + Retail Space Project”. Put your salesmanship to work to create an attention-grabbing title and get immediate interest for your listing. If you do not specify a name when adding your listing to the marketplace, the listing address will automatically fill in.

Property Name V2

Property Description and Location Description
Another important step is to provide details and descriptions that would appeal to the searcher regarding the property and location. Once people have clicked on your listing these are the fields that will convince them to contact you about your property. This is also a good area to include key words that fit the description of your property, which will help it to show up in more search results.

Use the “highlights” section to draw attention to the best features of your property. These highlights are displayed as bullet points, so they help target searchers that might pass over long text. Put your best features forward for searchers who browse listings quickly.

Highlights section

All of these sections that you fill out when adding a listing to LoopNet’s marketplace are automatically populated into the marketing tools and materials. This will save you a lot of time when you are ready to send out flyers and emails to promote your listing.