Serving it up at the SF Ronald McDonald House

Last night LoopNet employees helped prepare meals at the Ronald McDonald House in San Francisco. The dinner was delicious and residents of the house left with their bellies full.  
On the menu, a Mexican themed taco bar! Diners made their own tacos (or nachos or taco salad) from all sorts of freshly prepared fillings. To top off the meal, homemade churros—a real crowd pleaser!
Many thanks go out to Joel Andrews, Jennifer Courtney, Maxine Bragg, Marc Rehberger, Tyler Wagner, Katy Wilson, Alex Rodriguez and Erin Wong who all worked together to pull off this successful dinner. Though the menu was ambitious, everything turned out perfectly and the residents of the Ronald McDonald house were very pleased and thankful for the home cooked meal. Plenty of leftovers were also left at the house for families who could not make it in time for dinner service. 
A big thanks to those who spent the three hours after work with us last night to help prepare the meal. Your time and efforts are much appreciated by us and the families at Ronald McDonald house.
-Alex Rodriguez and Erin Wong