Holy crap, a listings map!

You don’t have to hit the pavement to familiarize yourself with a particular market, city, or neighborhood. Just conduct a search, expand the map from the search results page and hone in on an area’s listings. Draw a polygon to focus the search to your exact specifications, or get an aerial or bird’s eye view of a listing.  

Map Search - Polygon and Bird's Eye View

And if you are out and about, use the free LoopNet App to Map Search on-the-go. The app defaults to search for properties nearby or you can conduct a custom search.

We love Map Search so much we wrote it a nice little poem:

An Ode to LoopNet Map Search
Map Search, oh, Map Search, how I love you.
You make it so easy to do what I do.
You capture my spirit to get out and explore,
Yet you allow me to do it without leaving the door.
I could get out my phone, laptop or ipad,
And search what’s nearby until my clients are glad.
Or I could see what’s for sale and what is for lease,
Without sitting in traffic and having to pee.

I can draw out a polygon of all the right streets
And it filters the listings without missing a beat.
I zoom and I pan around the whole map
And search by location when using the app.
And once I have narrowed it down to a few
I can check out the buildings in “Bird’s Eye View.”
Yes, I can search high and low, or near and far.
Until I find that perfect property… then head to the bar.

Start searching!
-The LoopNet Team