LoopNet’s My Listings Page Got a Facelift

We’ve cleaned up the page with a new sleek and organized design. 

  • Better Navigation: Quickly access tools to edit, promote and track all listings
  • Select All Listings: Take bulk actions by selecting listing across multiple pages
  • More Filters: Search by keyword, listing exposure and more

Better Navigation
Everything you need to edit, promote or track your listing is now available with our improved page design. Discover new marketing tools under the “Promote” drop down menu. 

Select All Listings
Take bulk action across multiple listings when renewing or approving listings.  Simple click “select all properties in this list”.  As always, you can select multiple listings to create reports, flyers and email campaigns.

More Filters
Improve efficiency by finding a listing faster than ever with new filters.  Search by keyword (including street address), listing exposure, contact name, country and state.