Android Users – The Wait is Nearly Over!!!

The wait is nearly over for those Android users amongst us.

LoopNet will be launching a beta version of its Android App to both the Android Market and Amazon’s Appstore in a matter of days. If our estimates hold, as many as a third of our user base will benefit from this potential release.

According to recent market statistics, the Android operating system accounts for 38% of all mobile OS systems sold and approximately 32% of all mobile web usage. By comparision, the Blackberry OS accounts for 21% of all mobile OS system sales (in past 3 months) but only accounts for 7% of mobile web usage.

You guessed it, the winner by far is the Apple iOS, which accounts for only 27% of the mobile OS system sales, but gets to claim 60+% of all mobile web usage. In actuality, the iPhone accounts for only 35% of that mobile web usage but the Apple iOS gets the significant benefit of an additional 26% of total overall mobile web usage thanks to the iPad.

Sources for Smartphone OS Market Share & Penetration: Nielsen, Net Applications