How to Draw a Polygon on Map to Narrow Your Search w/ LoopNet

Go to and run a search or just click here to run an example search.

You should see a map on the right side of search results. Note: if you searched properties available for sale–you will have to be Premium Subscriber to see the map. Try searching For Lease instead.
Click Expand Map:

(click image to enlarge)

On the left hand side, click on the button called “Draw Polygon.” From there left-click multiple locations on the map to draw your polygon. When you are done, right click to close the polygon or left-click the first point.

That’s it! You should only see results that match your search criteria and fall within the polygon.
Click Save Polygon to save the polygon for easy retrieval. It will be available under the Draw Polygon button the next time you come back. Click Clear polygon or Cancel to start over.
Use this tool to:
  • Define your own submarkets
  • Find properties with very specific geographic requirements like being near a highway or demographics zone.
Good luck!