How Does Your Social Media Usage Measure Up?


LoopNet is based in San Francisco, where social media – whether it’s LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter – is more or less a daily fact of life. But social media adoption among commercial real estate professionals nationwide varies significantly. That’s why we decided to poll LoopNet subscribers recently to learn more about their engagement with this rapidly-evolving aspect of our industry.

Commercial real estate professionals are beginning to embrace social media for both networking and marketing purposes, and by most measures, has established itself as a vital tool for our industry.

Here are a few key points we discovered, based on 1,400+ responses:

• 24% of LoopNet subscribers we polled use social media daily for business purposes

• 69% say they’ve benefitted professionally from using social media

• 79% use LinkedIn for professional networking

In addition, staying connected on the road is becoming a mainstay, with 65-70% of LoopNet subscribers saying mobile technology has become increasingly important in the last 12 months. If you’re like a lot of us, you rely more and more on your smartphone or tablet to help stay on top of business while you’re in the field – 47% of LoopNet users say mobile information is very important to commercial real estate.

Thanks go out to everyone who took time to answer our survey!

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