Work Hard. Play Hard. LoopNet’s CEO, Rich Boyle, Spotted on a Vespa!

LoopNet employees have been working overtime developing new tools for commercial real estate professionals. While we continue to invest in our business and challenge ourselves daily, every once in a while, we need to find an outlet to let off a bit of steam. Last Thursday was one of those days. And if you were in our San Francisco office, or across the street at AT&T Park, here are a few things you might have seen.

Rich Boyle, CEO, breaks out the Vespa and takes a 5 minute cruise around the office. Talk about an open door policy. At LoopNet, if you have a great idea to share or have a question, there’s no need to set up a meeting. Simply flag down the CEO as he does a lap around the office and you’re good to go.

Bryan Smith, VP of Sales and Client Services, takes advantage of our prime location in San Francisco. He, along with a few other Loopsters, use lunch as an opportunity to take a photo at AT&T Park, posing beside the World Series trophy. And why not? After all, Loopsters support our local team and we’re looking forward to another great season – even if it means sharing our restaurants and parking with all the baseball community.