Top 3 Reasons to Update Your LoopNet Profile

Filling out your LoopNet Profile is easy and can make a big difference in establishing a professional online presence. Here are 3 reasons to complete your profile on LoopNet:

1. First Impressions are Lasting Impressions
Your LoopNet Profile is active. Gurantee that when a fellow commercial real estate professional clicks to view your profile they are presented with an engaging narrative, not an empty page.

2. Improve Your Connect-Ability
Ensure that prospects can contact you with potential opportunities. Provide them with an updated address, phone number and email.

Links to your profile will be included on all your listings, in addition to the LoopNet directory (brokers only).

3. Get Searched
Build your online presence and attract prospects through industry related blog posts. Quality content and a good use of keywords will attract more searchers from Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

More content = more traffic