Blogging Made Easy: Get Started in 3 Easy Steps

A Blog is an easy to use platform that allows you to instantly publish your personal articles, advice and commentary online.

Blogging helps you to display your expertise and establish industry credibility. Plus, content is often indexed by major search engines giving you the opportunity to attract new clients.

LoopNet has made starting a blog fast, easy and free with the new LoopNet Profile.

Step 1 – Write It

To get started, you will need one idea for one post. You can write about anything. The key to a successful blog is to provide content that will connect with your intended audience. Once you’ve identified a topic, start putting together the content.

Here are a few ideas for a first blog post:

  • Answer a common question about your business
  • Turn to market statistics and examine trends
  • Share a recent experience

Step 2 – Name It

A strong title will pull people into your content. Here are a few methods for developing a title, along with some examples that we have come across.

  • Capture Attention
  • “I’m Going to Take Your Listings, Your Buyers and All of Your Clients.”

  • Try A Descriptive SEO Friendly Title
  • “3 Tips for Analyzing Distressed Properties”

  • Go For Humor
  • “Due to Budget Cuts the Light At the End of the Tunnel Has been
    Turned Off”

Don’t forget that prospective clients will see these posts, so consider your brand and the image you want to portray when developing your title.

Step 3 – Publish It

LoopNet makes posting your blog simple with your free member profile. Just follow these easy steps:

STEP 1 Log into your LoopNet account
STEP 2 Click the “My Profile” tab

STEP 3 Click the “Blog” tab
STEP 4 Enter your title and content
STEP 5 Categorize your post
STEP 6 Publish it