It’s all about KEYWORDS…

I speak to hundreds of LoopNet clients a week and it’s the same story: great property and very little verbiage when it comes to actually describing the property they are marketing. KEYWORDS, descriptive verbiage is key when it comes to marketing a property anywhere, especially when it comes to online advertisement on LoopNet. People searching on LoopNet for Sale and/or Lease have the option to filter through listings while searching. The keyword search option is more or less toward the bottom of the Property Criteria column (the third column-on the left).
keyword screenshot
Searchers can use single words or phrases (using “quotations”). This allows investors/tenants/brokers/agents/anyone looking for properties to filter through listings and find exactly what they are looking for using keywords. When members are telling me about their property they will let me know that the property is highly visible, that there is new development in the area, and that the property is located next to a major tenant and to my surprise nowhere in the property and location description is that highlighted (And they wonder why they haven’t received very many inquiries). If you are looking to attract the right buyer or tenant you need to simply paint a picture for the reader using words in the property and location description like: high visibility, ample parking, high foot traffic, private parking, signage visible from main road, fully leased, etc.
keyword highlighted
By adding keywords it makes your listings stand out and allow members to use the keyword searching option when searching for properties just like yours-it’s a win/win. If you are posting your property and you are at a loss for words you may want to run a search for active properties just like yours and see what other people wrote, or call LoopNet Client Services we can help you out.