What Are Your Top Commercial Real Estate Blogs?

We’ve been looking for some blogs about commercial real estate and they are hard to find–this surely is a niche industry that hasn’t completely moved on to the internet (we’re working on it!) much less discovered blogging. Nevertheless, there are some blogs that specialize in the topic or discuss it from time to time.

Most of the CRE chatter you find online comes in the form of news which is great for the supposed unbiased accounting of events but in this post we’re looking for that extra layer of opinion or authenticity that can only be found on blogs.

Here’s a list of CRE-related blogs we find interesting (in no particular order):

This is by no means a comprehensive list that covers all aspects of the business, which is why we need your input. What blogs do you read to get your daily dose of all things commercial real estate related? Who are your CRE experts? Post a comment below to be included in our next round up.

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