Use Keyword Search to Find Anything in a Listing

Looking for property leased to a specific tenant? Want to find a specific property by its name? Looking for all industrial properties with cranes? Only want to invest in net-leased properties?

You can find all these types of listings easily with LoopNet’s Keyword Search. Here are a few tips:

1. Use Keyword Search in Addition to Other Search Fields

If you’re looking for class A office property in Atlanta between $10,000,0000 and $20,000,000, you should check the box next to “Office” under the Property Type heading, select “Atlanta” from the state drop-down under the Location heading and then use the Keywords field by entering “class: A”.

Keyword Search is very powerful, but you’ll get the best results when you use it in tandem with other search fields.

2. Use Specific Keywords

If you’re looking for a specific tenant in a single tenant net-lease drug store, use “CVS”, “Walgreens” or “Rite Aid”. If you’re looking for a self-service car wash, use “self-service car wash”.

3. Enter Obvious Keywords First

If you’re looking for properties on a ground lease, enter “ground lease” instead of “land that’s for lease”.

How Does the Keyword Search Work?

1. Automatic “and” Searches

By default, the LoopNet keyword search returns properties that include ALL of your keywords. There is no need to enter the word “and” between the different keywords you enter.

2. Automatic Exclusion of Common Words

The LoopNet keyword search ignores common words such as “this” and “the”, as well as some single letter words like “a”. If you enter common words in the keyword search box, it will still work, but you’ll be notified on the results page if common words were excluded from the search.

3. Capitalization

By default, LoopNet keyword searches are NOT case sensitive. Regardless of how you type a word (lower or upper case), the same results will be found.