FAQ: How do I include Lead Statistics on Reports for My Listings?

1. Log in to www.LoopNet.com.

2. Go to My LoopNet.

3. Click For Sale or For Lease in the My Listings section.

4. On the search results, click the checkbox to the left of each listing to be included in your report.

5. Click Detailed Report.

6. Click Full Report.

7. Check the box next to Include Exposure Stats on report for distribution to clients (only available for properties that you are a contact on).

8. E-mail the report by clicking Email this Report or print the report by clicking Print Report.

9. Click Save (diskette icon on the toolbar of the report) to save a copy of the report. It is saved in PDF format to the location you choose.

10. To change your report preferences, click Modify Report Preferences.